About WBL Services

Bill Lipscomb & Nikos Mouat

Communicating Technology

WBL Services provides technology and security support to major events.

Technologies supported include:

-          Coaching staff communications & headsets

-          Fiberoptic infrastructure deployment & management

-          Official 2 Official (O2O) systems

-          Voice, Data and Video services

-          Frequency Coordination oversight

-          Broadcast transmission and broadcast cabling

-          Closed circuit television camera systems

-          Electronic perimeter security

-          People Counter systems

-          Stadium and sports technology

Our customers include professional sports leagues, NFL franchises, major college bowl games, and large stadiums and arenas.

WBL has participated in NFL league-wide stadium upgrade projects including managing the 2012 Injury Video Review (IVRS) deployment and the 2014 Official-to-Official (O2O) project.

WBL has participated in MLS league-wide stadium upgrade projects including the 2017 Instant Replay system deployment and provides league wide game day support for MLS Instant Replay technologies.

Along with telecom and stadium technology, WBL also works at large temporary events installing security camera, people counting, and electronic perimeter security solutions.